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Title: From Forge & Anvil
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From Forge & Anvil
Erich Riesel, Hill Country Iron Worker
By Candace Leslie, D. Hopkins-Hughs
Astralgal Press
copyrightę1992trade paperback
Astralgal Press

What can I say about a man's life work, and some of the great items he created in a small section of Texas and beyond. Filled with pictures of his works from the massive ranch gates to intricate chandeliers.
The antler andirons are terrific, the steeple and bell towers at the churches stunning, to the jewelery from brass and copper then plated.
His work spans it all. Not a how to, just the story of somebody that found that his place wasn't on the back of a horse as a cowboy.
he is truly an iron work artist master. And the book is eye candy, and stimulus for the mind.