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Title: Lathe carriage stop
Post by: PekkaNF on February 27, 2017, 04:03:30 AM
There are cases that carriage stop in most useful.

I need one with multiple stops. Three or four stops being most often used. I put search engine on work. Most appealing was Mikes workshop model:

And then I had good stare to pile of junk and pulled out some material. I figured I could this without drawings....I most often do some sort of drawing/sketch, but this I gave myself some slack. I'll be drawing least a sketch from now on. Learning experience.

Added ball detent.

The lever that locks the stop under the prism guide could have been more narrow. But I had same material that top piece was made extra 40 mm, hence same size. But if I need to make another, I would make the bottom piece smaller and probably use Mike's design.

Socket screw recess is nearly full depth. I did not want any stuff on the chuck hitting it.

Used jaw offset for drilling, to get them fairly straight, this is where a bit more drawing would have helped. This bolt PCD does not need to be at the middle of the material, I could have put them more out at the knurled section, now I had to sink retainer bush/screw a little deeper to keep it out of locking nut (which is going to hold the stop bolts).

Anyway. Here it is. Pretty ugly but it should work.

Title: Re: Lathe carriage stop
Post by: awemawson on February 27, 2017, 05:39:55 AM

I made one a bit like that for my old Round Head Colchester Student years back. When I sold the lathe I kept the turret stop back thinking that it would fit my replacement Colchester Master 2500. In the event it wasn't compatible (can't remember why  :scratch: ) so I put it on eBay and was absolutely amazed at the reaction - it went for stupid money and I could have sold it many times - I even considered making a batch of them but it never got past the thinking stage  :med:

(The rotating turret bit of mine fitted onto the lathe carriage rather than the bed clamp)
Title: Re: Lathe carriage stop
Post by: PekkaNF on February 27, 2017, 06:23:45 AM
It really stops to amaze me what some stuff costs. Like simple accessories or castings can cost very much and then again some mass produced stuff feels very cheap.

I was considering the turret stop on either part. Concluded that it's better to make big part removable and leave only a little stop bolt on lathe carriage permanently.

I was considering a big barrel type affair that has the stops made out of studding and that goes trough the whole structure, bit like revolver lathe stuff. But it would have been pretty big contraption.

Title: Re: Lathe carriage stop
Post by: PekkaNF on March 30, 2017, 04:03:40 AM
Liked is sooooo much that I had to make another.

or maybe I got length wrong and needed shorter. Same methods, materials.