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Title: A new type of bench vise (Homemade prototype)
Post by: Esak76 on February 13, 2018, 08:54:01 AM
Hello everyone,I'm Finnish car man.I do not have companies or stores, and I have no any contact with them.
Do you thing this tool would be useful in your garage or work place? This is good helper to garage,welding,cutting,tapping,repairing and many other kind of work,much more opportunities than the conventional vise gives,I also think about work ergonomics.What do you think, is this idea good or bad ?
If you are interested and need to see something new,then welcome to looking my tube channel Esak76

Title: Re: A new type of bench vise (Homemade prototype)
Post by: Mike E. on February 13, 2018, 04:44:53 PM

I like it, especially the small one in video 3. Thanks for posting.   :thumbup:
Title: Re: A new type of bench vise (Homemade prototype)
Post by: sparky961 on February 13, 2018, 08:29:18 PM
Your fabrication of the vice, the little bit shown in the first video, is very good.  I don't know if the rest were built up the same way, but very neat.

I didn't think the first one shown (clamped on a bench with a post?) would be very useful, as the connection to the bench didn't seem adequate for much work I'd do.  Maybe very light work, but then a less substantial vice would certainly do the trick.  The other two seemed a big improvement, appearing larger and better mounted.

You confused me with clamping two pieces of wood at the same time.  Although I can see how this would work as a side effect, I don't see a lot of useful application given the mechanical action, and I think you're relying on the compression of the wood to even out any difference in distance between the jaws of the two.

I was thoroughly impressed with the bar clamped in the vice and someone (you?) standing way out on the other end.  Ii didn't see anything flexing appreciably.

I don't see this as a replacement for a bench vice though.  To be useful, this couldn't be mounted on a bench, rather it would have to be mounted on a post like you've done in most of the videos.  That way you can access the handle and both jaws while leaving room around it for the clamped part and to do the work.
Title: Re: A new type of bench vise (Homemade prototype)
Post by: Esak76 on February 14, 2018, 01:59:27 AM
Thanks for your comments ! I have a plan for many different versions and many sizes, also such a big vice,like a mammoth, maybe I'll do it next time.
Part 2 blue vice is the best compromise in my garage,it works best when installed in a pillar head but works well on the corner of the table.
I'll tell you something,based in the true story.
How did it all started.One day I start thinking, I needed an anvil in my garage and so I'm looking for webshops,yes I seeing many models,too much heavy and expensive for my garage,many looks bad and old. I don't needed that every day.
I do it myself because I have a little steel stock what I needed and the welding gun gives me more metal all time,every time I ask for it, it's a magic pistol.
Next I started the design, hmmmm i need it extra functions too, traditional vice of course and now my mind start running fast to the other end,yes I make horizontal vice too, on the same apparat, like a pliers,locks quickly all pieces and parts to the horizontal position,like an alligator,easy to drill and make a lot more modification,(you can see a bit of this alligator-vice, part 1, in the last picture)........hmmmm next my mind says thanks to those people who are trying to sell too expensive anvils.
Thanks if you have read this point and maybe I'll write more sometimes.
Title: Re: A new type of bench vise (Homemade prototype)
Post by: BillTodd on February 14, 2018, 09:55:01 AM
Looks like a product waiting for a manufacturer :-)

Good luck  :thumbup:
Title: Re: A new type of bench vise (Homemade prototype)
Post by: Meldonmech on February 16, 2018, 08:13:29 AM

                       A clever design, hope you can get it manufactured.

                                                       Well Done
                                                                         Cheers David