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Title: For forge and foundry
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How to Build the
Wet/Dry Vac Precision
Air Controller for
Forge and Foundry
Don A Meador.
Copyright 2004
Millennial Marketing
Booklet 22 pages


This slim, volume will answer questions, some may have in using the wet dry vac or it could be adapted to any air source of a powered drive.  He starts with the
Air Diverter Unit
General Considerations for Connecting The Air Controller
He covers ways to connect it to his style;
Blacksmith Firepot
Commercial Firepot
Charcoal Foundry Furnace

Running the air controller,along with an idea and design for a deluxe connection box so the flimsy on/off switch on the vac doesn't have to be changed.
Very nice and concise,clear line drawings and a couple of photo's this unit is for solid fuel. Charcoal, soft coal or coke in both forge and metal melting furnace.
It is available from either or
Lindsay books (
Nation builders books (