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Title: GMAW-P Pulsed Spray Transfer
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Miller student package deal. About a package deal that Miller has on their web site. I will go over the separate books and booklets (
PDF's downloads (

GMAW-P Pulsed Spray Transfer
by Miller
Soft cover booklet
copyright 1994


It is a training booklet, that comes with a test and if you pass it and want to send Miller a $3.00 check with the test card(they correct it ) You will get a certificate of completion for GMAW-P theory.

    * History of GMAW
    * Modes of GMAW transfer
    * Equipment for GMAW-Pulsed Spray Transfer
    * Equipment hookup and Parameter selection
    * Preparing to weld
    * Safety
    * Summary
    * Glossary

It has drawings, charts and B&W pictures covering the process.
At the end it has the 50 question multiple guess test if you care to find out how much you learned.