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Title: Welco Alloys Technical Guide
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Welco Alloys Technical Guide
by Thermacote Welco

Just a side note the different years have different colors on the covers with the same picture etc green 77 and red 78 are the two I have.

Am older version of their product catalog and uses booklet filled with the spec's for picking the correct filler,braze rod or wire.
Now if I have this right they are now called The Harris product group and they are part of Lincoln Electric Co. here is the live catalog pages something different browsing a catalog (

In addition to their complete product line, there are a number of charts, and trouble shooting pages. Steel hardness numbers of the major hardness scales. Symbols and melting points of metals, Composition of aluminum alloys, Federal,military and AWS specifications. cross reference chart with some other brands.

Along with a trouble shooting section,definitions, and welding terms. IT is an information filled booklet. The online version is filled with product information with pictures of the rod and wire,along with the packaging. And the also have all their product line catalogs on line.