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Title: Computer term dictionaries
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Webster's New World Dictionary of Computer Terms
by Macmillan
Small format pocket sized
soft cover


Dictionary of Computer and Internet terms
by D A Dowining Ph.D,M A Covington PH. D and M.M.Covington
Barrons Business Guides
ISBN# 0-8120-9811-0
soft cover,small format


The usual disclaimer or notice applies. That you should make sure, you have the latest edition or copyright year. As with all computers and electronics, it changes so fast. It should be in the lower double digits edition by now.

What can be said about a dictionary, it seems like I need a newer edition of either one soon as I find they don't have the current jargon in them. As the fields move so rapidly.

Websters is a no nonsense type with only definitions and are cross referenced for easy finding out what they are talking about.

Barron's has charts and photo's, drawings and sreen capture shots to add to the explanations. Along with a visual Dictionary of characters and symbols. Such as ~tilde #octothorpe `grave accent
the items that are covered are:

* Computer keyboard symbols
* Emotions used in email
* Commercial and scientific symbols
* English punctuation
* Accents
* Other foreign characters
* Arithmetic and Algebra
* Mathematical logic
* Set theory
* Greek alphabet