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Title: Health hazards for shop people and others!
Post by: PTsideshow on October 16, 2010, 12:35:10 PM
Health Hazards Manual for Artist
Michael McCann Ph.D CIH
4th edition
ISBN 1-55821-306-6
Lyons & Burford Publishers
Copyright ©1994
Paperback, 132 pages
Line drawings

Just to add something to keep the emails and PM's down. If you are still breathing and you do anything around the house or in other working setting including office work you are exposed to more things that are bad for you! A little common sense can go a long way. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not!

With the constant ever changing research being done into the health effects of the materials around us, both in and out of the shop.  Due to the sort and long term effects on our bodies.

It is becoming a must for the artist/fabricator/Shop person to stay on top of it.  This book sort of fell into my hands when I was carrying a box of books I purchased.  After reading some of it. This should become mandatory reading .

All these years Turpentine  has been label as safe, how many of us didnít give a second thought about using it to wash or body parts off  after an oil paint session.   Having been in sign painting back in the day when One Shot lead based paint was the weapon of choice. As the lead was the reason for the great coverage,  in the beginning of the hazard awaking  the MEKís Methyl Ethyl Ketone and  its cousins were the ones that we were warned against.

Not that they canít cause problems, but now the threshold limit valves for exposure for MEK is 200ppm (parts per million) compared to Turpentine  20ppm   

The Relative Toxicity Rating  for MEK is skin contact MODERATE, inhalation: MODERATE, ingestion MODERATE.

The Relative Toxicity Rating  for TURPENTINE is skin contact: HIGH, inhalation: HIGH, ingestion: HIGH.

Who would have thought that!  What was also interesting is that ACETONE TLV 500ppm skin and inhalation: both SLIGHT, ingestion: Moderate.

The book is divided into three sections: Part One is: How Art Material Affect You. This covers the Basic problem, Risk factors, Effects on the bodies systems, Solvents and aerosol sprays and Acids and alkalis.

The second part is: Hazards of various media With any number of them that are of interest to the metal worker, home shop person. From painting, stone, clay, and wax, wood, plastics welding metal working, jewelry, enameling stained glass, glassblowing to children and art materials.

The third part is: Safety in the Studio, covering Materials, Safer materials Processes, Ventilation, Storage Handling, Housekeeping, Fire prevention and the Personal protective equipment and how to get help. What you need to tell the doctors if you are having problems.  And they canít find a cause, since most doctors arenít use to treating material related illnesses. It is a good Idea for you to keep your own MSDS of what you use so if you are not able to communicate your family can provide info.

There are  newer editions out of this book. So when looking for a used copy get latest you can.
Title: Re: Health hazards for shop people and others!
Post by: dsquire on October 16, 2010, 01:19:56 PM

Thank you for posting this one. I know for me the MEK versus Turpentine is a BIG eye opener.   :doh:

Cheers  :beer:


Title: Re: Health hazards for shop people and others!
Post by: PTsideshow on October 16, 2010, 02:59:52 PM
Your welcome! :thumbup: It was a lucky thing I bought the box of books as it looked to only have two in the dozen That I had any interest in. As things turned out, I really should put my glasses on. Looked into it as my interest got piqued, I found these other two online used and got both of them. Another more complete one by him and one by the Godmother of art safety who started a stage safety web site that sadly is no longer up and running due to the foundation loosing the grant money.

I have to finish writing the third review  which I will post soon. If you do a amazon all of these should come up.