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Title: Metalcasting
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C W.Ammen
It is Craftmaster imprint
of McGraw-Hill
Trade Paperback

This one is a fairly complete over view of hobby casting techniques.
It is a slightly revised version of his early one.
Whether it is art bronze, jewelry or a one of casting. From setting up a home type shop to finishing techniques.

    * Casting Processes
    * Mold Making
    * Molding Sands
    * Molding Tools and Equipment
    * Metal Melting Devices
    * Metal Handling and Pouring Devices
    * Casting Small Items
    * Cores and Thier Applications
    * Patterns and Related Equipment
    * Glossary

It covers some of the newer materials, along with have a truly educational glossary. With drawings and labels on the drawing to explain clearly what the item or process is.
If any can claim to be a learn as you go this is it.