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Tools / Re: Cross slide nut for EDGWICK lathe
« Last post by AdeV on January 05, 2019, 09:36:44 AM »
Glad to see you're staying in the Edgwick club! I've got a lot of wear on my cross-slide nut too (tons of backlash), TBH I just put up with it.  I suppose I should fix it one day.
Project Logs / Re: PCB UV exposure box
« Last post by AdeV on January 05, 2019, 09:27:09 AM »
As Andrew said somewhere up the thread, one of the things you have to watch for with plastic is whether it cuts out UV or not. Fortunately, there's a nice simple test - common or garden tonic water fluoresces a lovely cyan colour in UV light. So, pop the light box back on the timer, fire it up, and check it out with a bottle of the (apparently delicious) Fever Tree tonic water.

Sure enough, a lovely light blue glow. I think I'll be OK with this.

Now to go cut up some more circuit board and do the test over again!
Project Logs / Re: PCB UV exposure box
« Last post by AdeV on January 05, 2019, 09:24:42 AM »
LOL! I've got enough space problems as it is... but.... so big and shiny!

Enough, stop tempting me to buy stuff!

Anyway... the acrylic showed up the other day, so I spent  bit of time trimming the box to perfection(ish) so it screwed together square. Threw out the old glass, and expanded its slot to 4mm to take the acrylic, also cut a new slot much further down for the LEDs. Cut the acrylic to size, and put it all back together, voila! It looks much better now, and goes together much more securely. No more wobble! Good job I left that extra 15 thou on the length for adjustment  :lol: :palm:

CNC / Re: G01 bloqué sur f50
« Last post by awemawson on January 05, 2019, 09:06:05 AM »

Welcome to the forum, I hope some one will be able to help you with your specific issue.

Almost exclusively the language used on this forum is English, and I'm sure that you will get a far better response were you to re-post your request translated into English.

Mean while, would you like to post something in the Introductions section telling us a little about you ?

Google Translate helps a lot:

I am new to the forum, and I need help

I have a controller RMHV2.1 but the programmed advance always remains at 50mm whatever the value

I changed the firmware with pandora, but nothing changes, I still have the problem

can you help me solve this problem

a big thank you in advance

cordially, rayfredo "
CNC / G01 bloqué sur f50
« Last post by rayfredo on January 05, 2019, 09:02:28 AM »
je suis nouveau dans le forum,et j'ai besoin d'aide

j'ai un controleur RMHV2.1 mais l'avance programmé reste toujours à 50mm quelque soit  la valeur

j'ai changé le firmware avec pandora , mais rien ne change, j'ai toujours le problème

pouvez vous m'aider à résoudre ce problème

un grand merci par avance

cordialement rayfredo
The Design Shop / Re: DRO for Warco Major mill
« Last post by chipenter on January 05, 2019, 08:54:21 AM »
The stop would have to be for the lead screw nut to hit , it's the nut that limits travel on my minor the casting was curved and angled the nut was flat , and only about 6mm thick just filed it square and got another 10mm .
New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by awemawson on January 05, 2019, 06:24:29 AM »
Johnny, yes good to meet up again, and yes . . .the Renishaw Probe . . . PK seems to have gone awfully quite over the past couple of months, I must give him another call next week.  I've had to 'bag up' the cables that should connect to the bits he currently has, to avoid the coolant getting into the connectors and trunking  :scratch:

Pekka, the belt material looks like the backing used for rolls of silicon carbide abrasive, but without the abrasive of course. Reading the instructions, the green side should be  inside touching the roller surface, so I turned it round, but the one on my milling machine has been the other way round for the last five years and is working fine !

So I set off today to dilute the coolant and pour it in. Bucket chemistry (literally) - I was aiming for Castrol's recommended 9% concentration. Easy really with a 10 litre bucket with a calibration line, and a lab pyrex 1 litre calibrated flask.

Initially I just put 10 litres in, and left it for a while, as I needed to build confidence in the tank base. When I grit blasted it and re-painted it all those months ago, there were a few corrosion pits that might have had pin holes. I'd rather have 10 litres on the floor to mop up than the 95 of a full tank !

All seemed well so I went ahead aiming to put 70 litres in, then stop and check the dilution with my Refractometer. However my 10 litre bucket sprang a leak at 30 litres and I had to revert to a 9 litre one that I had, just making the maths fractionally harder !

Getting to the 70 litre target, I then set the machine pumping coolant around to make sure it was reasonably mixed, as of course each 10 (9) litre batch will be slightly different.

Amazingly the refractometer showed bang on 9% Brix - sorry about the photo, but you try holding the refractometer against the iPhone and pressing a button - I ended up using my tongue to press the button  :ddb:

So then I took the tank up to 'almost full' and left it pumping. The Tranp Oil Skimmer is working overtime, as of course over the months that I've been working on the machine, the automatic slide lubricators have been faithfully pumping slide way oil to the needed place every few minutes. I've seen (so far) moths, flies and small spiders dragged out by it so they've obviously been having a party in the tank !

The Design Shop / Re: DRO for Warco Major mill
« Last post by PekkaNF on January 05, 2019, 05:08:42 AM »
Snagging is what we, in the UK, call fettling. An old Middle English word derived from German.

Thank you, I always thought that fettling was more akin to cleaning and knocking of shar edges and such. But I never heard snagging being used in UK, only in US. But then again that was not my primary intrest then.

Take a bit from the front and put a stop at the back .

Hmm. There is no T-grove on the back of the table.
The Design Shop / Re: DRO for Warco Major mill
« Last post by chipenter on January 05, 2019, 04:50:23 AM »
Take a bit from the front and put a stop at the back .
New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by PekkaNF on January 05, 2019, 04:45:13 AM »
What material is that skimmer belt? Long time ago I saw stainless steel foil.

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