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Title: Norvin.....
Post by: Stilldrillin on December 07, 2010, 08:26:49 AM
Strange, how things eventually come together. This time, it's taken well over 40 years........  ::)

My computer and scanner are talking to each other again. More to the point, I can understand 'em.

I've found some old photographs.......  :thumbup:

In 1964, (I think). A pal said, he'd bought a 16 x 8 garage for 36. "It's got some old bikes in, as well"......

HRD/ Vincent Rapide & Steib sidecar.


Manx Norton with Triumph 500cc engine.

All of them, around 1949 - '52 vintage........

The sidecar was fitted to the BSA, and sold.

The Triumph engine was removed, and the Vincent engine was inserted.......

Me, springtime 1967......


The owner......


A bit closer.....


T'other side......


By the time it was completed, we bunch of friends were all going our separate ways.

I guess it was sold. Just before the owner emigrated to Australia......

David D
Title: Re: Norvin.....
Post by: Bluechip on December 07, 2010, 12:23:15 PM
Hi Dave

Aaaaah..... Nostalgic sniffle.

Once had a Series C Black Shadow engine and a Featherbed frame with similar ambitions ... came to nowt. No Time. No Skill.

Did you make the engine plates yourselves? I bought some, which, to be polite, were an indifferent fit.   :bang:
I believe it was necessary to chop the crankcase casting lug off where the rear sub-frame pivot went ??
Decided not to proceed and eventually got about 80% of the bits to make a B/Shadow, although it would not have been genuine, 'cos the numbers would be wrong ... still ... 'nother sniffle ...

Wonder what happened to engine # F10/AB/1B/7767 ????

Flogged all the vinny stuff to a bloke from Bradford for what I thought then was an exorbitant sum...

Seeing what 'C' Shadows fetch now ... well ..  :(  :(

Had some 35mm contact prints of me in me Greaser Days ... had to dump 'em.

Seeing some frisky young warrior with hair and without pot-belly did my ego a lot of NBG at all ...

Dave BC

Title: Re: Norvin.....
Post by: BillTodd on December 07, 2010, 03:03:21 PM
Didn't Ogri have a NorVin at one time?

BTW where's the headlight?


Yep thought so...


Bill (fair-weather biker)
Title: Re: Norvin.....
Post by: Stilldrillin on December 07, 2010, 03:28:26 PM
Yes, the plates were made from a nice piece of ally plate, he obtained from work......  :thumbup:

When did you last see a Manx Norton, with a headlight?   :D

David D