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Welding Basics
An introduction to Practical & Ornamental Welding
by Editors
Creative Publishing International
copyright 2004 Trade paperback

This is one you will see at the local home center, and other places that sell things of a mechanical nature. A slick paper full color, every tool new shot in a studio.(photo) With nary a spark burn in site.
Covers the standard for a basic intro book. On the types of welding, and cutting along with the equipment needed.

The second sections is 23 shop projects for the beginner level.
They are simple and clean in design. And could be done to good effect by the old hands to.
Shop,(rolling weld curtain frame,carts table)
Lighting,(lamps and candle holders)
Furniture(coat rack, kitchen stuff, headboard)
Outdoor(gate,boot brush and arbor).

All in all It is a well written and photographed intro welding and simple projects. If you have people asking about an inexpensive book this is probably the one to fill the bill.

Along with the great projects for the gifting season or all right what are you going to do with all them tools now that you got them.
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