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The Oxy-acetylene Handbook 2nd-ed
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:03:15 AM »
The Oxy-acetylene Handbook 2nd-ed
Linde,Union Carbide welding products
copyrightę 1943,1960

Sold as the be all and end book of its time on Oxy-Acetylene. It was used as text book in some advanced welding classes. It is divide into 7 parts and then in to sub chapters and sections of each subject covered.

    * Part I General Principles of Oxy-Acetylene Process
    * Part II Ferrous Alloys
    * Part III Non-Ferrous Alloys
    * Part IV Miscellaneous Applications
    * Part V Cutting
    * Part VI Inspection and Management
    * Part VII other info

From covering the history and development of it. The application of the systems. Equipment, everything about the flame,more than you want to know about Oxygen and Acetylene production.

Everything you needed to about the assorted welding of iron and steel and braze-welding.

Non ferrous covers from lead,Aluminum,copper and alloys. nickel and alloys, to magnesium.

Then moves on to bronze-surfacing,hard-facing, wear rod application,Silver brazing heat and flame-treating.

To four chapters on cutting, then on to inspection and management.

To finish up with something I hadn't see before now The air-acetylene flame and its uses, of course at the time I got this I had no use for the presto lite style torch.

Considering that gas welding hasn't really changed much since it was written. You could call this book very up to date. Other than the improvements in fluxes and rods. If you come across it snap it up.

you can always check the library nearest you
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